Introducing large-scale C++, volume I: Process and architecture

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Writing reliable and maintainable C++ software is hard. Designing such software at scale adds a new set of challenges. Creating large-scale systems requires a practical understanding of logical design — beyond the theoretical concepts addressed in most popular texts. To be successful on an enterprise scale, developers must also address physical design, a dimension of software engineering that may be unfamiliar even to expert developers.

More than two decades in the making, large-scale C++, volume I: Process and architecture, is finally here! Drawing on his over 30 years of hands-on experience building massive, mission-critical enterprise systems, John Lakos — using never-before-seen excerpts from this glisteningly new volume — elucidates the essential value of (and several techniques needed for) creating and growing hierarchical reusable software, a.k.a. Software Capital, as the foundation for developing C++ software at virtually unbounded scale.

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Дизайн больших систем — это сложная тема, дизайн больших систем на C++ приближается к невозможному. Доклад от одного из людей, кто знает, как это делать.